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Welcome to the Church Planting Resource Center!

Church planting means hard work in the harvest field. Like planting an orchard, it means preparing the planter, having a compelling vision of what you want the orchard to look like, getting others to help so you’re not doing it all by yourself, discerning the type of soil, and then working step-by-step and stage-by-stage to prepare the soil, plant the seeds, tend the growth…in anticipation for the harvest.

Many church planters are desperate for resources for each stage of a church plant. Too often, training centers and boot camps provide material that is too far in the future. You need help NOW with the stage you’re at.

This online Church Planting Resource Center is designed to help you prepare for church planting and guide you through the first twelve months of a typical plant. There are some additional resources available as well for subsequent years and more.

Overview of the Categories

Church Planting Resource Manual

Church Planter Assessment Process

Seeding - Preparation for Church Planting
      Scriptural and Theological Basis for Church Planting
      Spiritual Foundation for Planting
      Your Mission Field’s Unique Needs
      Attractional and Incarnational Evangelism
      Mission and Vision
      Strategic Ministry Plans
Phase 1 - Launch Team Development
Phase 2 - Monthly Preview Services
Phase 3 - Preparatory Worship & Developing Systems
Phase 4 - Launch & Grand Opening
Fruitfulness - Years 2-3
Development - Tools for Growth & Administrative Systems
      Pastor and Staff Development
      Lay Leadership and Volunteers
      Strategies and Systems
Interconnectedness - Coaching & Counsel
Parenting - Churches Planting Churches

Training Center Topics & Workshop Resources
      Church Planter Training Videos
      Branding & Marketing
      Children’s Ministry
      Worship and Preaching
      Facilities and Finance
      Arts in the New Church
      Family Life of the Planter
      Welcome and Small Groups
      Outreach & Evangelism
      Leadership and Governance
      The Leadership Connection (TLC) Videos

Equipment & Technology
      Sound Equipment
      Facility Selection

Additional Resources
      Videos - Church Planting
      Evangelical Covenant Resources
      Book Recommendations
      Gathering Ideas
      Christmas Dramas
      Blogs - Links to Church Planting
      Church Planting in specific ECC Conferences

May God BLESS you as you plant a Healthy Missional Church!